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The eldritch territory that is Nebraska

The Gibbon Pit and other curiosities

This follows on my previous post about roadtripping in Nebraska.

Gibbon, Nebraska. Home of the Gibbon Pit.

The Gibbon Pit

I had seen an earlier version of this sign while in Gibbon a year ago looking for sandhill cranes along the Platte. The old sign simply read "Gibbon Pit" with no further explanatory text. This naturally led me to great speculation about vast holes in the earth crawling with apes, sort of a black-blooded take on the old game Barrel of Monkeys. Who knew Nebraska was such an eldritch territory?

The new sign, however, makes it clear this is a gravel pit. Still funny but much less interesting.

Jay at The Gibbon Pit

Inexplicably, I failed to photograph the earlier sign at the time...ah well.

There are other fine sights to see in Gibbon.

The health club...

The Gibbon Health Club

The pitstop...

The Gibbon Pitstop

Traffic snarls in beautiful downtown Gibbon...

Old cars in Gibbon

(Which was actually a very cool hot rod / custom shop)

And this impressive sign of the state of employment there...

Nebraska Turkey Growers work bus

(The area around this bus boasted an alarming number of white turkey feathers in lieu of the usual roadside debris)

After which, we wended our way home to Omaha.

Next (and last): East to Omaha
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