Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Potlatch 1, Jay 1

Home from Potlatch. Not nasty tired, but decently bushed. I did get good sleep, and didn't party overmuch. Potlatch is about the smallest Con you could have, I think, and still be a Con. Mostly writers and SMOFs, talking about writing and SMOFery. Loads of fun, naturally. I did a workshop there, was on a panel about humor, and performed some very expensive heckling of Ellen Klages at the benefit auction. (She made me pay a fine everytime I cracked a joke.)

Came home to work on Madness and now am about to go watch the_child at her fencing lesson. A bit later we're meeting tillyjane for pizza at Flying Pie with my second cousin who's visiting. I'll be confirming the JayCon VII booking while I'm there, with follow-up announcements later. At his own request, Paul Carpentier is specifically not invited to JayCon VII. (I think he plans to crash it, which he can only do if he lacks an invitation.) If you'd like to be on the unguest list with Paul, let me know.

Nice weekend so far, and I expect it only to get nicer.
Tags: child, conventions, jaycon, madness, personal

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