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East to Omaha

Homaha to Omaha

This follows on my previous post about roadtripping in Nebraska.

Finally headed home from Gibbon to Omaha along I-80.

Route from Gibbon to Omaha

Except for seeing a bald eagle perched on a stump in the middle of the Platte, this leg was standard highway driving. There was a highway patrol drug checkpoint, but it was unmanned. Unfortunately I'd already dumped all my Pepcid Complete in a wall-eyed panic.

It was a good day. Almost exactly 600 miles in almost exactly twelve hours. Saw some beautiful grasslands, saw the sand hills of central Nebraska, saw cool rock formations and cliffs along the Missouri (including some primo fossiling sites which we did not explore), saw the lovely Niobrara river, saw more old farms and buildings than you could shake a bundle of sticks at. In the animal kingdom we saw bison, beefalo, the usual farm animals, dead skunks galore, wild turkey, sandhill cranes, that bald eagle, various ducks etc. And of course, I was able to deliver the books, and visit the Gibbon Pit again -- what more could one ask for a Saturday?

After all, one cannot resist the power of the Gibbon Pit.

Thus endeth my trip report. I am back to Portland this afternoon, where my ordinary inane blogging shall resume. Once I've finished up Mainspring, of course.

PS. The Nebraska posts in reading order, in case you missed them.

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East to Omaha
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