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Weird Tales on the move

As many of you know, Ann VanderMeer is the new editor of Weird Tales. To go with the new direction in the fiction, the magazine is unveiling a sparkly new design as well, just in time for my story "Tom Edison and His Telegraphic Harpoon" to be out in the June, 2007 issue. (That's from the Original Destiny, Manifest Sin continuity, for those playing along at home.)

To celebrate the changes, Weird Tales is offering a six-issue subscription for just $12. The promotion is through April, and can be found on their Web site at weirdtalesmagazine.com. If you'd like to read "Tom Edison" in its natural habitat, now's the time to subscribe.

Here's a little snippet to whet your appetite...

Tom Edison stared out the viewport at the rolling hills of the Iowa territory, just within Missouri country. The horizon moved with a lurch-and-swoop not unlike the boats on the Great Lakes in choppy weather, though today's brilliant sun and flawless sky belied the comparison. The steam ram City of Hoboken moved like a drunken bear in all weathers, pistons groaning with the pain of metal as the great machine walked the prairies.

Behind him, his printing press chunked through another impression, Salmon Greenberry grunting with the effort. Salmon was Tom's freedman friend and colleague in experimentation and business alike, though they were both barely sprouting beards yet.

Boys in arms, adventuring together across the West. He resolved that he would someday write a book. If one could ever send communications across this benighted country.

"The problem with the telegraph," Tom said slowly, the idea unfolding even as he spoke, "is that one cannot run the lines west of the Mississippi. Those damnable Indians, or worse, Clark's Army, just pull the copper down again."
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