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Reviews r us - a triple bagger

Rocket Science Powell's | Amazon ] reviewed at Kat Dancing

It was also a pleasure to read some positive science fiction for a change; despite the narrator being literally beset with Nazis, bootleggers, Russian spies, and the government, it was overall a cheerful and uplifting little book. If you miss Heinlein's early stuff (you know, pre-incest-kick) you should check this one out.

Trial of Flowers Powell's | Amazon ] reviewed at Whatta Fiasco.

...this time he wrote well and pushed some of my buttons. I particularly love that his characters face real and serious consequences.

Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ] reviewed at SF Signal.

The setting of Mainspring alone should vault this story to the top of 'to-read' lists everywhere. The fact that Jay Lake has created such an interesting, personal story to boot is just icing.

Go on...you know you want the whole set.

(Thanks to joshenglish and princejvstin for the tip offs.)
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