Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

To the movies we shall go

tillyjane's middle sister's youngest daughter's oldest daughter (got that?) has been visiting Portland from Austin. Ie, my cousin's kid. She was recently a supporting actress in a independent horror film called Pathogen imdb ]. She brought a rough cut of the movie.

It was made by a 6th/7th grade classmate of hers, and stars kids and parents from her jr. high, and is mostly set around the school. Part of it was filmed in her house, and her mom, my cousin, is an extra with a few speaking lines. We watched it at lillypond's house, with my cousin's kid providing commentary.

The movie didn't go over well with the_child, so we wound up watching Sponge Bob Square Pants in the basement with the Niece. (That was the true horror as far as I'm concerned.) Things got a little stressy afterwards over what the movie meant, with discussions about the boundary between imagination and reality.

A lot more work than I expected, this evening turned out to be.
Tags: austin, child, movies, portland

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