Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Trip to Lolo Pass Road, photo set 2

After Geren's we headed up to Zigzag, OR Google Maps ], where Lolo Pass Road branches off US-26. This is right by where ramblin_phyl lives, "up on the mountain" as we flatlanders say. Up Lolo Pass Road from there, which is a very nice little blacktop climbing into the unpeopled wilds of the Mt. Hood National Forest. The road follows the BPA power lines (or possibly vice versa), and gets smaller and smaller as you go. Google Maps ] the_child and I turned back when we met snow on the road. Not just a dusting, but plenty of it, deeper than the Genre car's axles.

We took some pictures on the way, though.


Those last two photos were taken in the same spot, facing in opposite directions.

Photos by me and the_child. Flickr set ]
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